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About Us

To us, Pakistan is more than our country‚Ķ it is our home, our identity.It is the name by which we are defined,  the name by which we can hold our heads up high with pride.As we draw neared to celebrating the 70th year of our independence, ARY Digital Network pays homage to the individuals who have made their county and its people proud with their achievements.

Individuals who in their respective walks of life, have strived to break new ground,whether it is in the field of education or sports, music or literature, science or arts, business or philanthropy,each accomplishment is an accomplishment for Pakistan.

From the platform of Shukriya Pakistan, we will celebrate the lives and unrelenting efforts of these outstanding individuals.

From the most recognizable figures such as Abdul Sattar Edhi, Dr. Adib-ul-Hasan Rizvi,Hakim Said, Sarim Burney and many more, to the upcoming  individuals and groups who are working tirelessly towards defying unprecedented odds. Voting is open to all in each category with the option of recommending the unsung heroes of Pakistan. Join us as we celebrate the pride of Pakistan, the voice of the people, the beacons of hope that will pave the way to a brighter future.

ARY Digital Network will honor those exceptional  individuals whom you, our audiences, have voted for as the Legends of 70 Years, during the week of Independence Day in LIVE shows all over the network.

The 2017 Voting has now started

Voting closes on 13th August, 2017